Explaining SXSW to the...

I’m working on pulling my thoughts together, after a crazy week at SXSW. Theres many articles written about several events that occurred over the two week span and I’m adding my perspective. The question I ask myself is how to explain SXSW when asked. This has come up several times and the answer is always different.

I’ve been to several events in my lifetime but have never found myself compelled to want to write about one. Going to car shows, gaming expos, concerts, and Yugioh tournaments, you think I would have written about my excellent adventures across the world by now. Thats not to downplay what I’ve done, but to elaborate on my pure enjoyment from the week.

There were a lot of things being discussed and not enough of me to go around for it all. Panels range from technical web design, internet business models, blogging, the multiple facets of the music business, and many areas of film. Believe me when I tell you, you need to be here. You could enjoy it as a consumer or you can build your networks in ways it would take to grow in years, within a two weeks.

When you take a second to look around and think, you begin to realize the common denominator of accomplished business men, celebrities, influencers, and designers. They are all contributors in some capacity to their communities. These people are positioned for success because they’ve positioned others around them to achieve as their equals or greater. There’s something commendable in that.

Because I attended SXSW, I had a chance to realize, that I want to be apart of this community, and serve a greater purpose. I’ve been inspired again, like the first time I watched the smooth dance moves of Usher.

I’ll stop here because I’m dozing off, but I had to put this out in the blogosphere. Someone else who reads this may become inspired to go out and chase what I was searching for. If that’s the case, then I’m already starting to participate in the community in a positive way. Non-the-less, be the greatest you, you can be, and aspire to inspire.

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