J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

Briefly lets jump back to 2014 Forest Hills Drive as we talk about this piece of art. J. Cole emerges from the depths of his hiatus to bring track 6 alive from this project. December 2nd, 2016 he unleashed a Fire Squads barrage of rap lyrics on the public with a song called "Everybody Dies" and then follows that with "False Prophets". If your a rap fan, a lover of word play, or appreciative of those who speak for us, then you felt some type of way when you heard these songs.

Fast forwarding to December 9th, 2016 expectations are now high for this release. If you've been following J. Coles career since 2010 you'd know we've been expecting the world of him for a long time now. The album opens up, you immediately know we're starting on the edge, and choices must be made for right or wrong. Immortal then drives us into Cole speaking from one of his best friends views and lets the world know that the ones who made impacts in his life won't be forgotten. 

Surprisingly if you listen to the project closely you get hints of his views and his best friends view but when the album comes to a close you see that this project is completely from the view of his friend with the last track. The final song ties the title of the album in and makes sense of the lyrics used throughout the 10 song project. Overall I enjoyed this body of work that Cole delivers but it's not my favorite. However, don't let this take away from your experience because this project is as the title states "4 Your Eyez Only". What you take from this project is what you yourself can connect with, feel, and see. There are many who are saying this wasn't the one for Cole but I'd argue that they could be far from the truth. Enjoy the project...

J. Cole

J. Cole

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