Lets get back to how it used to be... I bet your asking yourself what I mean by that. Well what used to happen is you'd go to your friends house, talk about the latest, and dig through the gold mine of music they have. I'm bringing you the chance to dig through my gold mine here on my website and to get my views. this section is what I call "The Plug"


This is not overdue, it has been one whole week since the drop of Drakes "Views" on April 29th, 2016. Many have formulated opinions early on this album and I'm here to deliver mine after giving it just time. Many are fans of Drake for different reasons, to enjoy this album you must be a fan because he's an artist. Welcome to my "Views" of the project. (Did you get my pun lol)


This project is packed with 20 songs total and there's something for everybody on this cd. Now here is your early disclaimer if your a backpack rapper fan, hip-hop junky that preaches the 80's or 90's was the Golden Times, or quote on quote a purist, this is not the album for you. Collectively the cd holds 5 tracks that cater to rap and 15 that cater to R&B, that rappers deliver. We open the project with "Keep the Family Close" which sets the backdrop we all relate to from our relations built over the last 5 plus years. Being that there are 20 tracks, I won't bore you with a bunch of detail. 

here's some great surprise samples that are on the cd which some are great, some are good, and one I could not get with. I'm a big fan of most of the production from this cd and you can tell 40, (Drake's right hand) is sharper than ever in making sure every track has it's moments. Every album we have received from the Toronto native is different in their own ways and has further developed him as a performer. The one area I feel most miss because of being stuck in the music is the moods of each CD, which give Drake the perfect catalog of performance material. You can only judge the album on sound at this point and I feel the real review for this project will come when the "Summer Sixteen Tour" comes to a town near you. As of now I give this album a 6 and a half out of 10. May this help those of you on the edge of wanting to listen.