I AM just-derek


Derek Freeman (born January 23rd,1990) is an American rapper from Fairfield, CA, who goes by the stage name Just Derek. Being from the Bay Area the question has been posed why he doesn't sound like his peers and he has simply replied with, "why should it". Taking music theory in college allowed him to understand what his parents were accomplishing by exposing him to a variety of sounds and coming from a family with talented cousins allowed him to forge his eclectic sound as he was growing up. 


Just Derek is one of three Artist under Black Luxury The Collective, that he is the founder of. Black Luxury The Collective (BLX) released his first official project October 2015 entitled "Make It Happen". This project gives you his stance on where he's at and where he's heading. The opening of the CD starts with some Soul Food to deliver thoughts on where his current relationships are and that he understands from this point forward things can or will change. From there its a complete ride of a few club bangers, but more introspective records explaining his emotions, peoples doubt, situations with a lover or two, and his aspirations to be somebody.


Just Derek is just starting and has a major goal he has set out to prove. The goal is to prove there is more to the Bay Area than what people think for those who have not grown up here and solidify that they are a staple to the entertainment industries. Setting out on his journey with the motto, "Be Happy It Drives People Crazy", he says theres a bright future ahead for him and Black Luxury The Collective.