Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Fairfield, California Rapper / producer/ vocalist Just Derek (born Derek Freeman) never knew his love for music until his first concert in 2004. Thinking he was born to play basketball and go to school for law diverted his thoughts from music but always found a way back to it through family influence.

Enduring great pain with a broken jaw, JD was forced to utilize his time differently for a long while, as sports was not an option. This is when music consoled him and began to flourish from within. Years down the road, JD has found success through the college circuits and accolades with press outlets. 



The duality of the Fairfield native deals with addictions as everyone else does, while still navigating a flourishing business life in music. 2018 is the year he plans to follow up his buzz worthy songs You Don't Know, Guap Girls, and Loaded. This is the year of duality for him.